Tea Tree Oil Cystic Acne

Cystic Acne (Acne Vulgaris) is a very common kind of acne.  Severe acne vulgaris – or cystic acne – involves the formation of nodules and also cysts that usually form acne breakout.  Nodules are lesions that show up as hard bumps under the outer dermal layer whereas cysts are just about the same, with the difference of it being packed with pus.  Cystic Acne causes irritation and is very likely to leave pockmarks and scars on the patient’s skin. Cystic Acne, pretty much like most kinds of acne, is caused by hormonal imbalances due to puberty, which is quite common in adolescence.  However, quite a number of adults carry on having imbalances so therefore adulthood may not be a sure fire way to rid oneself of acne. This imbalance could be because of one if not all, and also not limited to the following reasons: improper diet, lack of sleep, stress, environmental and climate adjustment, etc .Acne, in general, starts when the body is going through a hormonal imbalance and therefore produces an excess of the skin’s natural protective oil, sebum.  The excess sebum collects dirt and other airborne particles thus making it a great place for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms to multiply.  As this happens, the pores of the skin are blocked and easily infested thus leading to skin infection, which we now know as acne.   As these bacteria enter the skin through and effectively block the pores, the body’s natural antibodies (white blood cells) start working and thus pus is formed.  These in turn become what we now know as cystic acne. Now that we understand the problem, let’s talk about the cure.  There are several acne treatment products and drugs out in the market but not all of us are readily willing to allow our skins exposure to harsh chemicals found in most off the shelf products.  Therefore, a lot of attention had been given to herbal and natural solutions to common problems of this sort.  I’ve done quite a deal of research on the matter and had found a common resonating solution that is readily available in the skin care alleys of most pharmacies and groceries and that is Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is carefully extracted and distilled from a plant that is naturally seen in Australia.  It usually has a clear to a light gold hue to it and it naturally has a slight scent quite similar to that of camphor or eucalyptus.  It has great antiseptic properties and could be used to disinfect wounds, cuts and lesions thus making it a great solution for bacteria buildups in the skin that leads to acne breakouts.  Not only that, it also has other properties that could be beneficial both for health and for cleaning around the house. Try applying a moderate amount Tea Tree Oil on your acne breakouts by dropping a few of it on a clean piece of cotton and gently dabbing it on to the affected area.  Make sure to do this on a regular basis to make sure that the affected area is cleaned leading to skin repair and regeneration. A simple word of caution:  Please make sure that you do not swallow it because Tea Tree Oil is highly toxic to the human body.   Do not use Tea Tree Oil without the consent of your local doctor.

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